Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Update on classes

Because I am here for a STUDY abroad program, I thought I would update you guys on my marks so far. I got my midterms back a couple weeks ago but forgot to make a post about it. In my Korean writing class, I got a 64% on my midterm and my conversation class I got a 72%. They are both kind of low, but I am not a Korean major so I didn't really care nor did I study much for those tests. My Korean language is actually pretty good, but I find the things we learn in class to be a bit boring and not practical. I have picked up more things from the Koreans that I have talked too and I have applied that to real life situations. For my Korean Business and Finance class I got a 91% on my midterm. Because business is my major, I tried to study for the test. Although I did not get much studying done, I still did good so I am happy.

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Fei Wen said...

geminis are smart, dontcha think? sounds good,keep it up.