Monday, November 25, 2013


Hello all! I hope for those of you who have come across my Student In Korea blog have found it useful. Just wanted to give everyone an update, I have started a new blog to write about a new chapter in my life. Cindy and I are having a baby!

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Wednesday, July 07, 2010


Hey all!

I guess I haven't been around to reply to most of my comments so I apologize for that. I am also sorry for not starting up a new StudentinHK blog, again, I have just been so busy.

Well, just a few updates about my personal life. I am still in HK, but working now as an English teacher. I enjoy my job as I can help enrich children's lives. When I go home after work, I feel satisfied that at least the knowledge I have gained can be passed to others. I am having a wonderful time in HK, love every moment. I hope I can set up my future here and would love to blog about that. My girlfriend and I, Wanjun, are planning for marriage which is great news. It is amazing to think that we both met in Korea and are from different countries and yet we can still maintain our relationship. Love has no boundaries!

If you guys want me to continue to blog about HK, I can do so. But I need to hear your input! Let me know what you guys think and I would love to write about the lifestyle here, the food, the culture, the people, basically everything! But you guys need to let me know.


Bryan Leung

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

2 years later...

Well two year have past since my time in Korea. Well, not a full two years, just two years since the day I arrived in South Korea. Things have flown by quite fast and it seems like just yesterday I was at E-Z drinking some wonderful soju.

Anyways, to make a long story short:

A new blog will be made soon. This time, in Hong Kong........

-Bryan Leung

Thursday, October 18, 2007

How to contact me

Well it has been a while since I have made a new update. I am now back in Canada studying at SFU and missing Korea everyday. I wont continue this blog because there is nothing really to say. But I will continue to answer questions and help those who are interested in studying in Korea, going to Korea or learning about Korea.

You can contact me through MSN at:
I am also on and my name is Bryan Leung.

If you have any questions about anything, please don't hesitate to ask me. I really hope that if you are considering going to Korea, you actually do it. Korea is a beautiful country with lots of culture and things to do. I feel so bored now in Vancouver and one day I hope to go back to visit my friends there now.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Oasis Airline Review

Here is my review of my flight from Hong Kong to Vancouver using the new low cost airline Oasis Airline

The process went pretty smooth I must say. My luggage ended up being 33kg but they let me go even though the allowance was only 30kg. I ended up shoving all my heavy stuff into my two carry on packages. One was at least 7kg and the other 10kg but the the airport did not seem to care.

After a bit of duty free shopping I lined up to go on board of my flight. They checked my ticket and passport and allowed me on the plane. Practically everyone had 2 or 3 carry on luggages so I guess their 1 carry on luggage rule does not apply.

The flight went off on schedule. Around 1.5 hours into the flight we received our first meals. It was either chicken or beef and I opted for the chicken. It came with some noodles, a bun, water and a apple pie dessert.

The cabin air was very dry so I took full advantage of the free non alcohol drinks by drinking plenty of orange juice. Alcohol drinks were of extra charge around $6 for a can of beer. Snacks were also $2 and cup of noodles were $3 which I did not get.

The seats were pretty tight. Of course it was a 747 so they had 3 seats per side and I believe 5 in the middle section. I sat near the window so I could sleep easier but I wasn't able to sleep much on my 11.5 hour flight. The leg space seemed limited, and the seats could not recline much.

My United Airlines flight from San Fran to Seoul was much more comfortable because it had more leg room for me to stretch (I am not a big guy, 177cm). There were roughly 10 video channels playing on the TV. I ended up watching Superman Returns, Aladin, Elizabethtown (sucked), Beauty and The beast, some chinese money (english name: Men Suddenly in Black 2) and Dukes Of Hazard. I am glad they played Dukes of Hazard because I was finally able to fall asleep, what a boring movie.

I woke up after around a 1.5 nap a bit hungry and I could see they were preparing breakfast. The option for breakfast was either Chinese dimsum or american eggs. I went for the dimsum which included an egg tart, fruit, and some other dishes which I do not know the english name. They microwaved the whole dish so the fruit inside was warm which didn't taste that good. They should of left the fruit out before zapping it.

It was another 2 hours until we would arrive at YVR so I just watch some TV but was mostly looking outside. The sky was amazing that day:

The flight ended up being 25 minutes late of our arrival time but that was ok. Overall, Oasis Airline is exactly what it is, a low frills airfare with great price. My ticket after taxes ended up being $474. I think it was worth it considering it got me from point A to B at a low cost and I feel satisfied with the service.

A tip to those traveling to Hong Kong and back. Book a one way airfare using the Canadian website but then book your return, another one way using the China English site. You will save over $100 after taxes! I was going to book from HK - Van on the English website and I told my girlfriend about Oasis. She went through the Chinese site using English and for the same flight, after tax and conversion, I saved just under $100! You can't book from Vancouver - HK using the Chinese site, only HK - Van or London so use the Canadian site to book outgoing flights but return use the Chinese one and that should help you save some money :)

Hello from Canada!

Well I am finally back in Vancouver Canada after a 171 day hiatus in Asia. Too be continued....

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Hello from China

Hello from China!!! Sorry I have not been able to update my blog lately, I have no internet access in the apartment that I am staying at so I can only go to the university or lan cafĂ© around the corner to go on the net. Still, I cannot access my blog ( in the area of Beijing that I am living in. I do not know if it’s just the area (University District) or all of Beijing, but for some reason, if I try to go to my site, it is blocked and takes me to a search engine.

Well life here in Beijing is MUCH different than in Korea and Canada. It is very crowded and very hot. The temperatures lately have been above 32degrees but it is humid so I have been sweating a lot. One weird thing is that I was told it never or barely rains in Beijing during the summer, yet for the past 8 days (Today is June 27, 2007 and I arrived on June 19th, 2007) it has rained probably 4 times and today there was a lightning and thunderstorm. I was also told that Beijing has a water shortage so I think that since I have arrived in Beijing, I have given the people the gift of water. To help their fruits and vegetables grow and to give more water to the people. I am like the water god here I suppose. Kekeke. Anyways, the life style here is very different. I don’t want to sound to rude, but I must be honest. First, the driving here is insane. There are many people riding bikes on the road and there are lots of cars everywhere. The cars just cut each other off without worrying and they also cut off the busses to which the busses cut back. Honking here seems like the national anthem. You hear it every other second and its non stop. The cars don’t stop for people either and the people do not seem to worry. People on bikes ride infront of a car and the car just keeps going. The car inches by the bike leaving maybe 1 inch space and no one seems to care. The people are seem to be a bit rude as well. When asking for questions, even in mandarin they are hesitant to answer you even if that is their job. People seem reluclant to help each other and they do not care about manners. I am not one to judge because that is their style of life, I just find it different. Not better or not worse, just different. In Korea people were very respectful of each other and there were many cultural traditions to show respect to elders or customers. But in Beijing, nothing that I have seen so far.

Also in Beijing, smoking seems like it is allowed everywhere. It is very weird to see people smoke inside a restaurant, a school cafeteria, or even in an office. In Korea, smoking was allowed but many people still just smoked outside. The strangest must have been seeing people smoke inside the university cafeteria and also maybe the higher end restaurants.

These were the major cultural differences I have found so far. Beijing is still a great city. Items here are cheap for me but I assume they are expensive for the local people. When I arrived, Wanjun’s cousin treated us out for dinner at a upper scale restaurant. We had lots of food to eatsuch as Shark skin, fish, bbq goose, and many others and although I do not know the exact price, it wasn’t too expensive compared to what I am used too. At the cafeteria, I eat a big bowl of noodles in soup that taste great and also a big 1litre bottle of orange Juice for just over $1.20usd which is amazing. Oh, I have also been eating lots of fruits because there are tons of people selling them on the corner. I feel much more healthy here than I did back in Korea and much much more compared to Canada. In China, I have been doing LOTS of walking around but I don’t feel as tired as I did in Korea.

So far for the past week, we have not done too much. Wanjun has taken me around to show me some of the great food such as the Peking duck, congee, pizza and other things. Again, not too expensive for me (although I have very little money). I cant believe I would spend so much on a BBT drink back home when here it is less than 50 cents but in Canada it is $4.50. I have also bought some DVDs such as Ocean 13, Fantastic Four 2, and all 6 seasons of 24 for less than $6usd. The quality was pretty good except for FF2 and also I must go back because the 24 is in mandarin so I will change it to english. We have also been to a few malls to do some shopping and I bought some clothes that isn’t too expensive.

The major thing I have done so far was probably yesterday when we went to Tinanmen square and also the Forbidden City. The square was nice and big. There were many famous buildlings around it such as Mao’s tomb and also some museums. The Forbidden city was massive. I was told that there are 9999.5 buildings inside and a bunch of parks and shops. I really wanted to go to Starbucks inside the forbidden city so we went that. The thought that Starbucks is inside the FORBIDDEN city makes me laugh. The place where the kings are burried and there is a starbucks there. I ended up buying a Tuna sandwhich and Ice latte for 49rmb which is around $6usd which is pretty expensive in China. The same price is half of what we paid for on a BIG meal that Wanjun treated me. There we had Duck, curry, rice, vegetables, and two big fish heads. Anyways, going to those two places was very cool. Although there were many people there, Wanjun said it wasn’t that busy so it was lucky for me. We did do a lot of walking yesterday so we were both very sore. After we went to Wanfunjing for some more shopping and I bought some more gifts. That place was very nice and had a lot of high end shopping. Many watch stores that sold Rolexs, Tag Heur, Tissot and many other expensive brands.

Next week we will go to the great wall and do other touristy stuff. Hopefully I can post this post on my blog before we do it or else this will be even longer. I am just using a notepad and I will upload this post along with pictures when I can finally access my blog. Again, sorry for the lack of post but I just wanted to let everyone that whats up.

Oh, if you are in Beijing and want to meet me, my number is 15801255501 so just give me a call or text. Take care ^_^

Sunday, June 17, 2007

My last post in Korea

This will be my last post from The Republic of Korea. I will leave the dorms within two hours and head to Cheonan. From there, I will take a bus to Incheon and have Juno pick me up and I will stay at his house for the night and he will drop me off at the airport tomorrow. I will miss this place, it was a fun experience that I will never forget. Well, my next post will be made in China so good luck everyone ^_^