Sunday, August 19, 2007

Oasis Airline Review

Here is my review of my flight from Hong Kong to Vancouver using the new low cost airline Oasis Airline

The process went pretty smooth I must say. My luggage ended up being 33kg but they let me go even though the allowance was only 30kg. I ended up shoving all my heavy stuff into my two carry on packages. One was at least 7kg and the other 10kg but the the airport did not seem to care.

After a bit of duty free shopping I lined up to go on board of my flight. They checked my ticket and passport and allowed me on the plane. Practically everyone had 2 or 3 carry on luggages so I guess their 1 carry on luggage rule does not apply.

The flight went off on schedule. Around 1.5 hours into the flight we received our first meals. It was either chicken or beef and I opted for the chicken. It came with some noodles, a bun, water and a apple pie dessert.

The cabin air was very dry so I took full advantage of the free non alcohol drinks by drinking plenty of orange juice. Alcohol drinks were of extra charge around $6 for a can of beer. Snacks were also $2 and cup of noodles were $3 which I did not get.

The seats were pretty tight. Of course it was a 747 so they had 3 seats per side and I believe 5 in the middle section. I sat near the window so I could sleep easier but I wasn't able to sleep much on my 11.5 hour flight. The leg space seemed limited, and the seats could not recline much.

My United Airlines flight from San Fran to Seoul was much more comfortable because it had more leg room for me to stretch (I am not a big guy, 177cm). There were roughly 10 video channels playing on the TV. I ended up watching Superman Returns, Aladin, Elizabethtown (sucked), Beauty and The beast, some chinese money (english name: Men Suddenly in Black 2) and Dukes Of Hazard. I am glad they played Dukes of Hazard because I was finally able to fall asleep, what a boring movie.

I woke up after around a 1.5 nap a bit hungry and I could see they were preparing breakfast. The option for breakfast was either Chinese dimsum or american eggs. I went for the dimsum which included an egg tart, fruit, and some other dishes which I do not know the english name. They microwaved the whole dish so the fruit inside was warm which didn't taste that good. They should of left the fruit out before zapping it.

It was another 2 hours until we would arrive at YVR so I just watch some TV but was mostly looking outside. The sky was amazing that day:

The flight ended up being 25 minutes late of our arrival time but that was ok. Overall, Oasis Airline is exactly what it is, a low frills airfare with great price. My ticket after taxes ended up being $474. I think it was worth it considering it got me from point A to B at a low cost and I feel satisfied with the service.

A tip to those traveling to Hong Kong and back. Book a one way airfare using the Canadian website but then book your return, another one way using the China English site. You will save over $100 after taxes! I was going to book from HK - Van on the English website and I told my girlfriend about Oasis. She went through the Chinese site using English and for the same flight, after tax and conversion, I saved just under $100! You can't book from Vancouver - HK using the Chinese site, only HK - Van or London so use the Canadian site to book outgoing flights but return use the Chinese one and that should help you save some money :)


Christina Tay said...

show us more pictures of ur trip? like what u've bought? And places of interest? hahaha wordless entry will be interesting

Fei Wen said...

welcome back.

hehehehehee... DELAYED WELCOME!!!

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