Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Cheap flights from Vancouver <-> Hong Kong

So I was just browsing around on the net and I found this website for an airline company that had just opened up. They will be offering flights from YVR (Vancouver) to HKG (Hong Kong) and back for as cheap as $568usd round trip or $3,980HKD. That is pretty cheap for a round trip fare. So I am making this post to show all my family and my friends who frequently go to HK that they can start booking their tickets through Oasis Hong Kong. Their website is and I suggest if you are interested, to go check them out.


Wanni said...

Hey Bryan! Do you remember the group of Singaporean girls at Hongdae? I came to your blog in a bizarre chain of events (well actually, just from another blog). Hi hi hi to you!

ps. I'm Wanni who pretended to know Cantonese.

Bryan Leung said...

Hey Wanni, out of all the people in the world with blogs, how did you come across to mine? Wierd how things work out. Do you have a blog of your own? I tried to click your name but I got an error and couldn't access your blog. Are you back in Singapore now? Hey, do you have MSN? If so, please add me:

take care ^_^

I assume you left Korea now?

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