Monday, May 14, 2007

Been a lazy week

So an avid blogger just messaged me if I was on holidays because I have not posted much on my blog lately. Well I just wanted to let everyone know that I am not on holidays or sick, it is just that lately I have been being lazy around campus and thus nothing to post. The past week I have spent time relaxing with Wanjun or just my friends watching movies. I havn't drank in over 2 weeks (well I might have taken a Soju shot here or there) and I haven't really done anything exciting. I've been feeling really exhausted lately and tired so I am not in the mood to go out. The weather has also been a bit wacky. As I post it is cloudy but 20 minutes ago it was bright sunshine. When it is cloudy or rainy, I usually feel even more tired and just want to stay in my room or the lounge resting. I think I really need to sleep more. Everyone says I always look tired which is true, but it is hard for me to go to sleep at night. I just want to stay up chatting or surfing the net for useless information. Hopefully I will start to feel a bit more cheerful. This Thursday the International Students are having a Costume Party in May event but I still do not know what to dress up as. Any suggestions for a poor student with no costume? Well, just wanted to say 'sorry' for the lack of posts. I will try to put more up. I think this weekend Wanjun and I will go to Seoul so we will take lots of pictures again so keep reading my blog because I promise to update it more!


Anonymous said...

Cousin B

Useless info may become useful someday

Cousin A

Fei Wen said...

aja aja fighting! (^_^)

Anonymous said...

Cous B

Actually you're not alone, I have been really tired since last week, and I found the weather has been completely dry at here in Vancouver. Though it is cool at 10-15 degree in the morning, I feel no moist in my body. Nor did I drink much for the last two weeks. Imagine, a half-Scot who drank no whiskey in last month! Only a glass of wine for a meal, or a bottle of beer during some evenings. (Did you like my mug of Kokanee?) I drink a lot of water and still feel completely dry in my mouth and else. For this summer, our BC will be "cooler" than average, and the hinterland like Alberta and Manitoba will be hotter than normal.

I know you belong to "conservative" camp in term of politics, and thus you would think "global warming" is nonsense. Actually yes and no, some scientists indeed exaggerated in order to push for their theories, like David Suzuki. In fact, from my fishing experience, there are less fish in the waters than last few years. Plus our Fisheries of Canada ban fishing in Vancouver area for this year! :-( So, I think it's the weather makes me feel tired. Instead of "Blame Canada" as in South Park, "Blame the Weather."

When you go to Beijing this summer, please be prepare for the weather. It is extremely hot there, very hazy than ever. It is mainly because of the rapid growing Chinese economy depends on coal for power. It can go up to 40+ degree and quite humid there.

No matter what, you should have some more energy with your cute girlfriend. SMILE!