Monday, May 07, 2007

Seoul Weekend Part I - Friday

Hmm..where to start? I had such a packed weekend this past 3 days that I am scared to start typing because I don't know where it will end. Ill try to keep it short, but there will be lots of pictures to help. So Wanjun and I decided to go to Seoul for the weekend and it was lots of fun. We left on Friday at around 1pm to take the 2pm KOrail from Onyang - Yeongdengpo. I brought 260,000 won thinking this should get me through the 3 days 2 nights. We arrived in Yeongdengpo station and took a transfer to Sigil the another to go to the 63 building in Yeouido. It is the 3rd tallest buildling in S.Korea with a skydeck to view the city from the top. We shopped around the building which didn't have many things inside. It was more of an office building with a few shops at the bottom, an Imax and Aqaurium. We decided to go only to the skydeck because we were running out of time. The top view was pretty nice, but we went when the sun was out so we couldn't see the pretty lights of Korea. Another problem was that the sky was very smoggy. I am not used to this because usually in Vancouver, when the sun is out, the sky is beautiful blue and there is no grey haze like here in Asia. It was very odd to see. We took tons of pictures and we had a light snack at the top. It is definiately worth the 5,000won ticket but I would suggest going when it is dark out. We had to leave early because we wanted to take the Yeouido - Jamsil ferry ride that takes us through the Han River under all the bridges at night. The ferry started at 7:20 and ended at around 8:30. By then it got dark and we could see all the decorated bridges from underneath. Something worth doing only once though. We got to Jamsil area and just walked along the water to find the subway station. We ended up at Olympic stadium and took a look around. We wanted to eat a nice meal but because it was already 9:30 before we got to the subway station, we decided to just eat something cheap later in our destination, Myeongdong. We took the subway to Myeongdong and was shopping around while looking for a motel to stay at. Even at 11am the streets were so lively and there were tons of people. Market vendors were still out and I ended up buying some "real" Gucci socks for 1000won each. I needed new ankle socks because I left all of mine in Vancouver. We walked around for around an hour and half and were searching for a motel to stay at. It is wierd, when I don't need to find a motel, there are tons around, but when I need to find one, there is never any around. Damn Murphy's Law. We finally found a motel near a Buy The Way convience store that costed 40,000 for the night. We didn't want to walk around anymore so we ended up taking it and rested for the night. Bellow are all the pictures we took for Friday:
63 Building:

A cool picture. The floor is also a see through plexi-glass that you can see to the bottom:

The nice blue sky...

The ferry to Jamsil:

Now back in Myeongdong:

The motel we stayed at had Starcraft TV!!!

That is it for Friday. I have alot more pictures but I could not add them all. Same applies to the following posts.


Fei Wen said...

this takes FOREVER to load! (@_@)

Jon Allen said...

Great photos.
Looks like you had a really good time.

Gdog said...

Hey Bryan, looks like you guys had a rad time at the 63 Building!!