Thursday, May 24, 2007

Tuesday Festival

So after waking up for an early morning class on Tuesday (11am) my friends and I just decided to relax before heading out to the festival. It was a big night because a famous korean singer by the name of Psy (싸이) was comming tonight. Everyone was excited and the festival was live and kicking. We sold the same products again but this time, things did not sell well. Our tent was pretty shameful and the chinese village tent beside us was doing very well. It seemed like everyone wanted chinese food over alcoholic beverages. Anyways, there were a bunch of performances on the center stage so many of the students decided to watch that intead of drinking. At around 8pm Psy took the stage and everyone was going crazy. There were probably 2000 people crammed on an astroturf field watching the Psy concert. He sang a bunch of songs and everyone was singing along. Even some of my international friends were singing because they knew the lyrics. This lasted until around 10pm when we all went back to our booth to have a few drinks before retiring for the night. We decided to take it easy because we knew we were going to drink heavily on Wednesday.
Here is a picture of Psy:

More pics will come once I can upload them. I've been feeling really lazy lately so sorry for my half assed posts with no pictures >.<

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