Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Soonchunhyang 2007 Spring Festival

So as of Monday, May 21st SCH 2007 Spring Frestival has started. It is basically 3 days of partying and drinking and having fun. What happens is that every major sets up a tent booth and sells drinks and food to fundraise money for their major. It starts at 10am and ends until whenever people leave. There are tons of activities and games and things to buy. The school is united and it's very fun.

So yesterday, Monday, the English village set up our booth. We were selling Jello shots, Nachos, soju cocktails, rice pudding, hotdogs and rum&cokes. Our Jello shots sold the best but the other things were not as good. Although we did not make much money, we all had a blast just drinking and being together at our booth. There was tons of music being played around and the food in the other booths were much better than ours. People were just hanging around and chilling. This event is something that all SCH students look foward too. I ended up drinking until 4am with my roommate, we would of stayed longer, but I had an early class which I went too this (Tuesday) morning.

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Racquel said...

Stop it. I'm envious already. LOL :) .. I suddenly miss my friends, coz now I'm away from home.