Sunday, May 20, 2007

My first mail!

Well, not 100% true keke. I have received mail from back home before, but that was from my bank sending me a new Visa credit card. But today, I went into the office and saw a postcard that was sent to me! I wondered who it was from and to my surprise, it was from Fei Wan, one of my avid blog readers! She sent me a postcard from her trip to Cambodia that she is on visiting Angtor Wat and the surrounding area. Thanks alot Fei Wan for the great post card!

More can be read about Fei Wan and her travels at her blog at:

1 comment:

Fei Wen said...

OMG!!! you dont have to publicize that dear!!!!!!!!!!

its suppose to reach you on June 6th, *BIG HINT TO EVERYONE* but i think the cambodian postman are faster than i thought....sooooooooooo

hehe, i hope that can last u for a while (^_^)