Thursday, May 24, 2007


So for Wednesday's festival activities, our English Village booth was a bust. We didn't have any more Jello Shots or any cocktails, only Soju bottles that did not sell. The Chinese Village booth, again, was doing well though. Anyways, Wednesday was the last day of the festival. Not only that, but Thursday is a national holiday (Buddah's Birthday) so everyone came out for the night. There were so many people and everyone was drinking and having fun. At 7:30 the tents were all empty and there were roughly 3000 people on the field preparing to watch the evening's concert. Some of the big names that were singing include: Chae Yeon, Baby Vox, and others that I cannot remember. The crowd was going crazy when Chae Yeon came on because I assume she was the most popular out of everyone. She was also last to perform. She was HOT! Anyways, after the concert there was a fireworks display that was pretty impressive. The whole festival was impressive. Having a free concert and fireworks and all the tents out, that is something that the schools back home would never do. Maybe the drinking part, but never getting famous singers to come to school to give a free show.

After the concert my friends and I decided to get our drink on. We were walking from tent to tent to drink Soju shots with our friends and playing games. I can't remember much of the night, but we ended up going back to the dorms at around 5:30am after many, many, many drinks. It was a fun night and pictures will be up shortly!
Chae Yeon:
Baby Vox:


Wanni said...

Ohhhhhhh I hate you. -_-

Anonymous said...

It's not Baby Vox, it's Baby Vox Rev (new group, using the old name).