Sunday, April 15, 2007

Long Hair!

Why does our hair grow so fast? Kekeke (Korean laughing of hehe/haha). I havn't had a haircut since Feb 18th by my good friend Tim Kuo. I was told that if I get a haircut around Soonchunhyang campus, it will be cheap but not good quality. They usually just give you a buzz cut and will ruin your hair. If I want a good haircut, I would have to go to Seoul and pay around $50usd! That is way too much considering Tim would give me a better job for free! So I guess I will wait till I go back home in the summer or possibly get a haircut in HK. I miss you Tim!!!

Here is how long my hair is now. It is not usually like this, but the wind is blowing my hair up on the left side. I have styled it different though because it is longer which I like. I do not spike it up, I let my bangs go down.

Oh I am so ugly >.<


Anonymous said...

hey dude.

i never thought i would say this....but the long shaggy hair kinda suites ya.

oh, and i love your pink polo shirt!


Kathleen said...

It's great that you display these beautiful ladies and their gorgeous hair. thanks for sharing pictures of beautiful long hair. keep it up!!!!

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