Saturday, April 14, 2007

Hyeonchungsa Shrine

Today a few friends and I went to Onyang to help a friend get a cellphone. She ended up paying 50,000 won for a used phone and putting 20,000 won for prepaid minutes. After this, the four of us went to Hyeonchungsa Shrine which is a popular tourist destination in Onyang. The shrine was built for general Lee Sun-Shin who was a famous general during the 1932 Japanese occupation. More information can be found by clicking here. Here are a few pictures of us today:


Anonymous said...

hey dude-

nice hair....and whats with the peace sign in the pics? can you be anymore of a tourist????

love your sis

Anonymous said...

Yeah, agree with you, cousin A or S,

Hey cousin B, you are doing what a Roman would do in Rome!!! LOL So in a group of Asians, do what the Asians do. That's cool! Maybe I am a square head dude, I would only raise my "V" sigh if a game has won. Or I do it reverse in British term, "up yours" :-)

Cousin A

Bryan Leung said...

Thanks sis. Steph or Amy? I still don't know! Please sign with a name! hehe. My hair is so long! I like it like this, but it is getting a bit too long in the wrong areas. i really want a trim but I am scared they will ruin my hair here because around the school, they buzz cut. I will have to go to Seoul and its like $50usd for a good haircut which is way too much. So my plan is to just grow it long until I get back or go to HK. Hmm, maybe I will make a post about this!

For the peace signs, yes it gets annoying. But I have practicing more. Also practicing my ugly smile >.<

Fei Wen said...

LOL~~ the best way to cut ur hair is to cut it, immediately after showering! when ur hair's still wet from the shower thats the correct length to gauge just how much u wanna cut, lol, i do that when i dont wanna go to a barber. just the front works on me not sure if it works on u!~~

Bryan Leung said...

I have confirmation that that was Amy!

Fei, I am too scared to cut my own hair just incase I screw up then I will be forced to buzz it off. I really do like my hair long. I just need some trim in areas and thin it out. I like my bangs!

Cathy said...

Don't you guys have your history garbled? Hyeonchungsa is a shrine to Admiral Yi Sun Sin, the Korean hero of the 16th century Imjin War. One of the greatest military leaders, and greatest men, in world history. I envy you being able to go there but wish you'd learned more. Did the turtle ship model look like 1932?