Sunday, April 15, 2007

Korean Music

So using my roommates computer, I have been listening to more Korean music. I still cannot understand the words but I think the music is very lovely. I have been listening (more like watching) to Boa and Ivy (my roommates favourite singer, besides Beyonce) and also a few random pieces. Here are two songs that I have been enjoying.

And although this song is Japanese, I still think its good:


N said...

i LOVE Tasha!
And Ivy's pretty good too
I recommend Tim, Clazziquai, Big Bang, DBSK, Shin HyeSung, and Eru!!

Fei Wen said...

thats sooo neat! i've been wanting to put videos in my post...but um, how can i do what u did in this post?????

Bryan Leung said...

Hey Fei, posting videos aer easy! First you must create a youtube account to upload the video. Once you have done that or just want to take a youtube video, near the middle right of the page you would see a word that says: Embed and a link beside it. Copy that link and just paste it in a post. Like this:

object width="425" height="350"param name="movie" value=""/paramparam name="wmode" value="transparent"/param>embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" width="425" height="350">embed>/object

I had to take out some of the tags because it would not post a reply with it.

Fei Wen said... that it? sounds easy!

LOL~~~ i thought it needs some high tech HTML embedding or stuff like that! thx~