Tuesday, April 17, 2007

2 down, 1 to go!

I write this post while I am a bit buzzed and downloading my favourite TV show, Entourage. I have finished 2 exams (Korean writing and Korean conversation) and now I only have my Korean Business and Finance Midterm examination left. That is on Monday and I will study hard over the weekend to get a good grade. Although I am sure it will be easy considering I learned this stuff like 3 years ago! On Friday it will be my best chinese friend, Jiangjun's, birthday so we will go to celebrate that. I am not sure where we will be, but I do know it will be fun. Tonight I went out to the bars after a long hiatus. We drank to celebrate our 2 finished exams. Only Addison and my Hyeong (older brother [Hunjoon]) and two chinese girls, Lei Shan and Wu Wan Jun went. It was fun ^^. But I did not drink much, only a little bit, seriously! Pictures will be posted with permision of the girls. Well my episode just finished downloading, so I will go watch that now.

Oh hey Steph, I heard you did the SunRun a couple days ago. Great job! I am very impressed with you. I admire that you can run so much and stay fit. Good job big sis!

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Anonymous said...

thanks a lot to the shout out to me for my sun run :) and it was nice talking to you on the phone the other evening. glad to hear you're having lots of drunken fun!