Thursday, March 01, 2007

Opening Ceremony

So today, my 4th day here, we had to go for the opening ceremony for all freshmen students. That is first year for all non americans. I thought it was going to be boring, but it was pretty fun. They had a lazer show and pyro technics to make things interesting. I was really tired because I went out drinking last night at E-Zs again. That is my 4th night of drinking in a row. But it is so cheap here so it's cheap form of entertainment. Again, it was $5 for lots of beer and soju! I have also started to receive a few suitmates. I met three Korean guys that are staying in my dorm but still have not met my roommate. At the ceremony I saw one of my suitemates and his friends and met a few korean girls as well. They seemed very interested in the English language.

This is one of my suitmates.

This is the market that is at the basement of the dorm building beside the Global Village. This is where we buy our supplies and food. They serve NY style Hot Dogs! I ate a chilli dog today.

This is Mrs. Lee. She does the laundry in our dorms. It is very cheap to get things dry cleaned and washed here. They do offer free washers but they do not have dryers, so I just pay her $4 to get my stuff cleaned and dried. She also irons my shirts for $1 and dry cleans for $1 as well.

This is the opening ceremony at in the gym. Lots of people crammed into one small space.

These are the people that I met during the ceremony. They seemed very intersted in me because I could speak English.

And Finally, me eating dinner!

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