Friday, March 02, 2007

Another heavy drinking night!

Well again a bunch of us foreigers went out to E-Zs for a couple of drinks and we brought along some korean friends. We were playing some korean drinking games that include Titanic which involves putting a shot glass in the middle of a cup full of beer, then you pour Soju, which is rice wine (taste like vodka), into the middle of the shot glass. You go around a circle and you can pour as much as you want or as little as you want as long as one drop hits the center. You count to 5 seconds and then pass it off. If it sinks on your turn, you drink! It's a very fun game. We also played Baskin Robins. That game is easy. You basically count up to 31 by saying 1 or 3 numbers. So first person can go 1,2 then the next goes 3, then the next goes 4,5,6 or whatever number he wants to say as long as it doesn't go over 3 numbers. Then the person who says 31 must drink. We also played a Korean mix of quaters. That game is somewhat hard. We put all of our beer mugs in the middle forming a circle and then adding a shot glass in the middle. Everyone takes turns on flicking a 500won coin bouncing from the table to the glass. If you get it in someone's glass, they drink. If you get it in the middle shot glass, everyone drinks. Fun but hard game.

Dinner before drinking:


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