Friday, March 02, 2007

A trip to Onyang

After a semi hang-over, my chinese friend, Falcon (like the bird), and I decided to do some shopping in the local town of Onyang. We took the bus which was 1100won (1.10usd), it took us roughly 10 minutes to get to our stop. Falcon had to pay his LG phone bill and it was very hard for him because the last time he paid, the guy who took his money did deposit it. So for him to explain that in Korean was VERY difficult. It took us around 20 minutes just to sort things out. The lady helping him at the LG store seemed to be very annoyed and rude, but I guess that is because of the language barrier. Falcon has studied 2 years of Korean language and has been in Korea for over 7 months, so he was able to communicate a bit.

We then went shopping around. I wanted to buy a pillow because the one that they gave me is very hard and it is hurting my neck and back when I sleep at night. Falcon bought some bed sheets and a blanket for 30,000won ($30usd) and then we just shopped around for clothes and such. The shirts were quite expensive, comparative to US brand name stuff back in Vancouver. Falcon told me to wait until we go to Seoul because there will be more selection for cheaper price. Here are the pictures of our trip:

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Sunny said...

oh how cool!
i was in Onyang ^o^