Wednesday, February 28, 2007

My first impressions

So after entering Seoul and driving down to campus, I noticed three main things. 1) Everything is bright. I do not mean only lots of lights, I mean those lights are BRIGHT. Signs, posters, cars all so bright. It looks like NY time square everywhere. Even when we were on the highway then went to the rural area, I saw a row of restaurants and lan cafes with bright neon sights just in the middle of no where. I wonder what their electricity bill is like! 2) The second thing I noticed was that in Seoul, they seem to be very religeous. In one area I saw around 10 churches with big neon cross signs on the top bunched together and then a few later down. I think I counted around 50 churches from ICN airport to SCH. 3) The last thing is that the drivers are pretty crazy, or maybe it was just our bus driver. The roads were bumpy yet he kept maintaining the same speed. Red lights mean nothing to him as long as there was no cars comming. Just my 2 hour trip from the airport was a great experience to see many things. Now, another 2880 to go!

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