Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The First Day!

We had to get up at 11am Korean time which is around 3pm Vancouver time. I did not experience any jet lag because I am used to staying up till 5-6am. Thanks Dota! haha. Anyways, we all met at 11am in the lobby for orientation. I met the rest of my classmates and all are very friendly. We then proceeded to take a mini tour of the campus and then promptly go to a classroom for some touch up info. I ate my first meal in Korea at a small little restaurant. The food was pretty good and cheap. I ate pork chop cutlet and rice which cost roughly $3.50 usd. The great thing about Korea is that there is no tax and no tip; so that helps saves money. We continued the rest of our orientation and then we were off. I met a few people and we decided to play some ultimate frisbee outfront. From there, a few of us went to grab dinner at the same restuarant. I ate some beef with rice which again, was $3.50. Plus of course all you can eat Kimchee! And the kimchee here is very spicey but delicious. At the restaurant, I saw a few familiar faces that were from China. They came to Korea to learn more Korean just as I cam from Canada. They all spoke mandarin so the language barier was tough, but we ended up all going to this bar which is well known around here called E-Z. We ended up drinking quite a bit and learned a few Korean drinking games which was very fun. All 8 of us then went back to one of the Chinese students dorm room and just chatted to get to know each other. They were all very friendly. Thank god we had a guy who can speak both english and chinese that helped us communicate with each other. Posting of pictures will be up asap.

Orientation classroom.

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