Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Korea vs Uruguay- Soccer game!

I was going to write football game because 95% of the world uses the term football to describe soccer, but in Korea, they use the term soccer so that is why I put that there. I believe only Korea, America, and Canada uses the term Soccer. Anyways, on Saturday there was a friendly match between Korea and Uruguay and I was lucky enough to attend. It was my first soccer game ever (in Canada, soccer is not big at all. I don't even think we have a national team) and it was so fun. We got to the World Cup Stadium (Korea co-hosted the 2002 World Cup with Japan) a bit late because we went shopping earlier. We had to run for 30 minutes and switch subways 3 times. It was a mess but we eventually got there. During the game, I was so determained to start the wave (Pado tagi νŒŒλ„ 타기) and I was able to get my section and the next two to do it but it died after that. I tried at lesat 5 times until I gave up :(. But at least I can say that I started the wave in Korea World Cup Stadium! During the end of the game, there were also a few Americans who ran across the field which I thought was very funny. Sadly, Uruguay won the game by the score of 2-0.

We kind of took our time eating and shopping so we were pretty late to meet our other peers. The following pictures are of us leaving Myundong Market.

Finally we arrived at World Cup Stadium:

And inside!

Here is a stolen picture of the subway train after the soccer game:

Blurry picture of my soccer ticket:

This is when my camera died. I will try to steal my friends pictures so I can show more of the game. My friend John also has a video file of me attempting to start the wave but he has been too lazy to upload it. I will go threaten him now.


J.R. Woods said...

The people who ran onto the field during the Korea vs Uruguay match were Canadians. You didn't happen to get any pictures of them did you? if so could you email them to me at

Take care.


Bryan Leung said...

Unfortunately my camera died at the begining of the game so I was unable to take many shots. I will see if my friends were able to get a shot of the people who ran onto the field. How did you know they were Canadians? Were you at the game or were they friends of yours?