Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Saturday - War Museum

So last Saturday my friends and I went to the War Museum showing weapons, planes, tanks and other Korean war memoribillia in Seoul. It was amazing. Seeing tanks that were actually used in the war and planes was an unbelievable site. We spent approximently 3 hours just walking around and taking pictures. There was also the hall of names from those who were lost during the war. It was also neat to see all the countries' flags who helped South Korea between 1950 and 1953. More information about the war can be found here: Korean War (Wikipedia).

Here is a picture of a dragon that was near the museum:

Inside the gates:


Some tanks and weapons:

Some Airplanes:



Radar back in the 1950:

The Hall of names:

There were four halls like this and I am sure more names inside the building.

Outside the building:

Some of the countries that helped fight in the Korean war. I was lucky enough to get a shot when the Canadian flag was waving nicely:

Some cool shots:

Some Random shots:

My friend Oscar and I saw this cool looking stage and we thought it really looked like a scene from Street Fighter:

FINISH HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's really amazing seeing these artillery right infront of my eyes and knowing that they were used during the Korean War. I really suggest people to go to the war museum if they have a chance to visit Seoul.

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