Friday, March 30, 2007

Saturday Afternoon, Myungdong Market

After the Musuem last Saturday we continued to go shopping at Myundong Market. It was very vibrant and had lots of shops. There were also tons of vendors right in the middle of the streets selling cellphone accessories, fake DVDs, fake shirts and much more. It was pretty neat to see.

On our way to Myundong Market:

Some tall office buildings:

Look how busy the traffic is and how many signs there are:

Finally arrived at the Market:

Korean drivers are crazy! Or maybe it was us the pedestrians that are crazy. Cars drive through busy roads and everyone just gets out of their way. In Vancouver, that would never happen and that car would be stuck there for the whole day.

This was some wierd street performance. I think they were trying to promote the soccer game, but I am not too sure:

This was a cool direction sign that I found on the road. Those are all our feet!

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