Friday, December 22, 2006

Expensing my trip

Although the student exchange trip is a steal, I will still need to work hard to help pay for additional costs. For the program, I get to pay my tuition to Langara college and Soonchunhyang covers the remaining of my fees. This makes it so I do not have to pay international student fees. It is basically a scholarship allowing me to study there. I also get a free room in the English Village dorm rooms at the university. While staying there, I will be expected to work 15 hours a week interacting with students to help them learn more about West culture and the English language. I will be paid 150,000 won (roughly $150usd) a week. Another plus is that the SCH will also give me a cellphone to use while I am there. So to sum it up, free room, free cellphone, $150usd a week allowance! That is a pretty good deal. On top of that, they will be paying me $800usd to help pay for my flight tickets. So I am basically covered for everything except for food, which from what I hear, is somewhat cheap.

But still, all that money is not enough. I am working my butt off at HP as a product specialist to help give me extra money for Korea. I am working long hours and picking up more shifts during the holiday time. Next week I am working from Dec 26th-Dec31st straight! That is after a week of full-time work. My plan is to earn extra money so after my semester in June, I could travel around Asia. I want to go to Hong Kong and Beijing and Japan. So I am just working and saving as much as I can so I can enjoy my summer after school.


Bonnie Conquest said...

You know, if you have time, you can work illegally, tutoring English... No problem!

Bryan said...

That is what I am hoping for! But the place where I am staying isn't that big of a city, so I hope I can find some students who want private tutoring. When you tutor over there, what kind of concepts do you teach? Just like Noun, Verbs and subjects etc?

Bonnie Conquest said...

Work will prolly still just appear for you. Tutoring depends. I had a businessman who just wanted to debate current affairs. I have taught no grammar here at all.

Bryan said...

Cool. Hey, want to do a link exchange btw?