Saturday, December 23, 2006

Dinner with my Korean friends

Because this program is a student exchange, that means that students from Korea are able to come to Langara College as well. For the fall '06 semester, there are three Korean students studying English in Vancouver. Their names are Hyong Ki (Andre), Hyemi (Hailie) and Shinae (Shelly). The names in the brackets are their English names that I suggested they create. Well, I had gotten to know them a bit through talking with each other at Langara so I suggested we would all go to Shabusen (a Korean BBQ/Sushi place). It was a great cultural experience because I was able to bring a friend from Toyoko Japan, Ken Susuzki, and my other friend from Beijing China, Justin Tsang. We had a great timing sharing stories and talking about how each culture does things differently. Not only that, but the food was great. We had all you can eat for $25 and it was well worth it.


Shelly said...

wow! nice!
I had a great time with you guys.
I came back to Korea yesterday, so now I'm in Korea.
Sorry, I didn't tell you that I go back to Korea.
I miss you.
See you again in Korea!

Bryan said...

Hey Shelly! It is nice that you post with your English name! "kekeke". I thought you were going back in January! I guess I will see you when I arrive at SCH uni. I hope you enjoy the rest of your break and check back often. Also, please show your friends my website! Thanks