Thursday, December 21, 2006

My itinerary

Ok so I had been looking for flights for my trip to Korea and all the prices seem to be the same. I went to and is great because it shows a list of a bunch of online websites and it will show you the cheapest of the cheap. I found that by going online, the flights were much cheaper than flight center and other travel agencies. So I went through www.mobissimo.comand selected a site that was called I booked my airline tickets with them because they were the cheapest. $737 USD for one way leaving Sunday Feb 25th. So I booked and confirmed. I went back to their site to see my itinerary and I saw a link to their affiliate site for student travels. I looked around and saw a flight for $478usd! So I quickly booked it and canceled by other flight. This was an amazing deal. This website is for students and faculty staff members. THey give amazing deals which is great for those who are in college and travel. The website address is:

I highly recommend people using this site if they are looking for cheap tickets, students of course.


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Take a look to this search engine that can save you some time and money. Here is the address:


Jomeo said...

Hello, just came across your blog. I have applied to go to Korea University in Seoul and I think your blog will be good for general info. about Korea.