Thursday, June 14, 2007

Summer Plans

So I will leave Korea on Tuesday June 19th at 6:30pm from ICN and will fly to Beijing China. I will spend approximately one month in Beijing. I will also go to Tianjing to visit a few friends there and also maybe go to Shanghai. After a month or so, I will travel down to Guangzhou either from Beijing or Shanghai and spend a couple of weeks there and then travel south to Hong Kong. I will spend a week or two there and then finally leave from HKG to arrive at YVR. I have not booked any tickets besides my one way to Beijing from Korea. I will see how my financial status is to see what I can and cannot afford. But I do want to have lots of fun in China because I know it will be another great learning experience and also I will not have the same opportunity to do this again. I might as well enjoy it while I am young and free. Of course, I will be traveling with Wanjun ^_^. I will keep on posting about China if you guys want, or I might just stop this blog after I leave Korea. StudentInKorea is about Korea, but I can continue about China and just my life if you guys are interesting in reading. Let me know! Thanks ^_^

[edit] Oh if anyone is in China and wants to offer us a free place to stay, please contact me via msn or email at Please and thanks ^_^

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Fei Wen said...

have fun and good luck to both of you!~

well, if u have internet access while travelling, it would be nice to know how's things going on while travelling. ^_^

Have a great summer, and its just so weird, i feel like u're really leaving 'physically' too even when im here, and you're there ?_? !!! hahaha, take care!