Thursday, May 17, 2007

梁彦希, Leung Yien Hei, Liang Yan Xi

So while in Korea and talking to the many chinese students who are studying abroad here, I have been told one thing; my chinese name is good! In chinese characters, my name is: 梁彦希. In Cantonese, it is Leung Yien Hei. And in Mandarin it is Liang Yan Xi. From what I know, my name means "still hope". People seem to like the 希/Hei/Xi part which means hope. My Yeiyei gave me that name and I am glad he picked a good name ^_^


Wanni said...

It really is a nice name :D
It's rare in Asia (at least that's what I observe~haha)

Fei Wen said...

i always like the 希 anyway.

and it happens Edison Chen-someone i pay a lot attention to, (^^) his name is 陈冠希, i think i read it somewhere it was given to him by his yeiyei too~:)

if i ever see u on the street, i'd call you by your .... cantonese name ok? "leong ngan hei"!!!

Bryan Leung said...

You know, Edison Chen grew up in the same city as me and lived 10 minutes away from my house. He also went to the school right next to mine until he dropped out of course.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I heard about Edison used to live in Richmond/Vancouver... But unbelievably close to your home! I think he's a CBC and then later lived in NYC, and got his career in HK. No wonder he's so "gweijai" look... (鬼仔)

Bryan Leung said...

You are right, he is a CBC and then moved to NY then went clubbing in HK and got discovered. Then got his ass kicked and sang songs about that.

Fei Wen said...

bryan, ur not joking are u???
i mean vancouver is hugggeee~
and 10mins away from ur house is....ARGH!!!! 10,000 times better than where i am now!~

haha, judging from ur comments, and also what i think i know, edc is not exactly the goody goody type of lad, 'got his ass kicked and sang songs abt it'

c'mon, i like that guy, ok??
when i was 18, and was deciding what course to major in when applying for college, i pick a subject that can relate to him, which is media stuides, hahahahah~~ im 23 now, and i still think he's like the guy to check out, hehehehe!

Anonymous said...

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