Thursday, May 17, 2007

Costume Party in May

So last night the EV international students decided to hold a costume party in May. Why should we dress up only once a year on Halloween when we can do it anytime we want? So a lot of us gathered together with some costumes and just had a party. Beer, Soju and snacks were available of course and everyone was just having fun and dancing. I dressed up as a SWAT member and some other notable costumes were: Spiderman, an Arab, Korean soldier, and 50cent. We also had spring loaded BB guns that we bought from E-mart and had a mini gun fight. After the party, things esclated into the dorms where it was a mini 3vs4 battle in the hallways and rooms of the dorm. Because it was 1:30am, we decided to take the battle outside around the campus in the amphitheatre and continue from there. We got a bit tired and our battle ended at around 3:30am then we just continued to watch Discovery channel in the lounge until we all passed out. Pictures will be up shortly, although I do not have many.

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