Thursday, April 19, 2007

A trip to Pyeongtek

Today a few friends and I had plan to go to Pyeongtek because we all have no classes due to midterm exams. We wanted to go to Pyeongtek because there is an American army base there so we wanted to buy some clothes from around there and also just take a look around. We left SCH at around 1 and went for lunch at our usual spot, Kimbap Nara. From there, we took the bus to Cheonan and then took the subway to Pyeongtek. Total travel time was probably around 1.5 hours. 1 hour to Cheonan and 30 minutes to Pyeongtek. When we arrived there, we just walked around the side streets to find some clothes. I wanted to buy a dress shirt and blazer but could not find any that would suit my style. My friends, Keith, Addison and Oscar, all seemed to be able to find something that they liked. At the end of the trip, I walked out with nothing except a bigger stomach because we ate at Burger King. It is ok, it was a fun trip and pictures will be posted soon!

Us having lunch before heading off:

The buses and station at SCH. They go to everywhere practically. It only cost us 1000won to go to Cheonan, an hour away.

I think this was a field trip for the kids to walk around the campus:


Cheonan Subway Termainal:

After arriving in Pyeongtek, we just decided to walk around and shop. Here are just all the photos.

(they were trying to look casual just like the bear!)
Inside the market:

So here is a funny story. You see the guy behind the meat. I took this picture and he came running out to chase me and was screaming in Korean. He wanted me to delete the photo but I refused and just ran away. He kept following and was talking in Korean but I just ignored him and laughed at him until he went back to his meat. what a wierd guy.

Some Children's traditional clothes:

Does this sign look familiar? IGA!

Some Canadian style food in Korea? What is Canadian food though?

Dinner at Burger King. Whenever we go out, we usually eat at western fast food restaurants because we can get Korean food anywhere near campus. Look at how nice the takeout bag is and the ice cream!

Ya....Korean culture at its best ^^

While waiting for the train back to Onyang, we randomly saw Cherrel:


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Fei Wen said...

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