Thursday, April 19, 2007

I am NOT an alcoholic!

So it appears MANY people think that I am an alcoholic of some sort because in most of my posts I talk about drinking. Well let me get this fact straight, my name is Bryan and I am NOT an alcoholic! You see, in this small town, there is nothing to do except stay in the dorms or eat or drink. Most of the international students enjoy to go out and socialize so because there is no coffee shops or bubbletea places, we are forced to go the bars. I don't want to be anti-social nor be a party pooper so I agree to tag along to go because I rather not do nothing in the dorms. When I say we go drinking, it doesn't mean I always drink. It means I say no, then people force me to take a shot of soju, then I stop. One shot or one beer, it is harmless. I stay around for a bit to take care of my friends but I do not drink the whole night. Because I am asian, I have a weak enzyeme and thus resulting in the asian flush which is very embarassing.

So I just wanted to make it clear that when I say im going out drinking or juts came back from drinking, it does not always mean that I myself was drinking alot, just the group and I only went to socialize.

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Anonymous said...

I empathize with you. Everything I do here entails alcohol and bars. I'm surprised that I haven't started teaching in one yet ....