Saturday, April 28, 2007

Thursday Volunteer

One of my friends Melissa Gaare was able to organize with the local highschools and elementary schools some volunteer work for us international students. We can choose a day between Monday-Friday and spend 3.5 hours to help teach english to kids and/or their parents. This past Thursday, I decided to go volunteer with Wanjun. It was very fun, we were able to teach simple phrases to a kind girl and her mother. It was a great experience.
This is where they fed us:

The director, mother and daughter:

Dont ask...keke

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Fei Wen said...

keep it up bryan, im a big volunteer person also, in sports really. But i've spent some time with kids when i was still in high school, cos i was helping out my aunt who runs a nursery/kindergarten,the age range was 4-6 years old,and they are absolutely adorable,nothing beats the feeling that whatever u impart to them are gonna shape them somehow well into the future. ^_^