Saturday, April 28, 2007

General Lee Parade

On Friday April 27th there was a parade in Onyang to celebrate a great victory that General Lee commanded. Because General Lee was born and raised in Onyang, there was a big festival. The Samulnori class (Korean drumming) from Soonchunhyang participated in this event and they had to walk for 1.5 hours in the parade. I took many pictures but I am feeling lazy to upload them all. I have also a few videos as well. Give me time for the photos because there are over 70 so I will pick only the best to show. There was also a dinner afterwords which included all-you-can-eat korean BBQ with good meat!
Here are the 4 videos:

Here aer only a few pictures in no particular order:

And then dinner after:

Wow that was alot of pictures! I hope you guys enjoy looking at all of them. ^^

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Fei Wen said...

look so very festive~