Sunday, April 01, 2007

Sports Sunday

Today a few internationals decided to play soccer on one of the dustiest days in Korea so far this year. The Koreans call it Yellow Dust and it's all the pollution from the factories in China comming over. This usually happens around spring time and today was a bad day. Yellow dust did not stop us, we were determained to get some excercise in. We played a game of soccer and it was 5v4. The 5 being Radomir, Leslie, Mel, and Hawk (korean) versus Carlos, Josh, Alisa and Me. I was put as goalie and with my awesome saves, we won with the score of 5-4.

We then played a game of Ultimate Frisbee and with the same teams, we slaughtered them by the score of 7-0. After that we played another round of soccer and won yet again 3-1. So 3 games, 3 victories! It was a fun day and 3 hours of excercise sure helps my big gut.

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