Saturday, March 31, 2007


While talking to my Korean friend, Juno, I had learned a very intersting fact. The country Korea was once spelled as Corea prior to Japanese control. Japan didn't want the country to be named Corea because they did not want the people to walk out before Japan for any international games like the Olympics and such. Because C is before J, Corea would always be ahead of Japan. So during Japanese ruling, they changed Corea to Korea to be behind Japan. I am sure you all know K is after J in the alphabet! So that was just a neat fact that was worthy of sharing.

As for updates on me, I have been keeping low lately. Money is running low because everytime I go to Seoul it's $100 for two days! Food, travel, accomendation etc. Another thing is that I just booked my flight tickets from ICN (Korea) - HKG (Hong Kong) for $313 so trying to save money for that to pay off my debt.

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hanna said...

turns out that this isn't actually true. I believed this until someone showed me a slew of evidence to the contrary.