Wednesday, March 07, 2007

English Village ceremony dinner

Today we had an English Villiage ceremony and after we all got together and had all you can eat bbq paid for by the school. It was delicious! I noticed that Korean food taste a bit better than food from Vancouver. Not just compared to the western food, but compared to all foods. The food here seems to have a bit more spice (not just hot spice, but peppers) and more flavour. This is done to make up for the small portions. I must admit, I rather take small portions with good flavour then big portions with no taste.


Anonymous said...

hey dude!

your so called big sis here saying hi. i think you are so courageous going overseas to learn a new culture and futher your education. very proud of you :)

your blog is interesting, i look forward to reading it weekly for updates.

keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

wow, this seem like a lot of fun. I read before that you are studying in Langara, do you know if Kwantlen will have some sort of exchange program also? I'm heading to Kwantlen next year to try to get my arts credit than hopefully transfer to UBC, but if that doesn't work out, I'm planning on taking a degree there, but do you know if they also have an exchange?

and around how long + cost is the trip?

Have fun!

Bryan Leung said...

Thanks Steph! Or is that Amy? o.O

I am not sure if Kwantlan has the same program, but I am sure they do offer some student exchange programs. Btw, who is the last poster?