Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Been a busy week

I havn't had time to post much lately because I have been very busy with classes. I am taking Korean writing level 1, Korean converation 1, Taekwondo, and Business & Finance. The writing and converstaion classes have been [b]very[/b] hard for me. Korean language to some is very simple because they have an alphabet compared to chinese. They also have vowels to make things simplier. But still, the pronounciation is hard and remembering the characters is hard. My tounge cannot go in the right positions (even in chinese I cannot pronounce things right) so its difficult for me. My business class is easy, so far. The only problem is that it is 3 hours long!

As for teaching styles, I would say I enjoy being taught at Langara more than here. The class sizes are similar, small, but just the way the lessons are presented at Langara make them more interesting. Maybe it was because most of my business teachers were awesome and always had fun projects to do.


Anonymous said...

Do they have high expectations in Korea? I heard it was easier than uni in V. Do you have any previous hanguk knowledge before you went?

Bryan Leung said...

The expectations are similiar to uni back home. I am sure they are taking it a bit easier on us because they know we are here for fun and not only school. I had no previous hanguk knowledge before I came to Korea.