Saturday, June 09, 2007

EV closing ceremony

On Thursday we had our EV closing ceremony for the spring 07 semester. They presented awards and certificates and also showed a movie recapping the year, made by fellow student, Deon. After the 1 hour ceremony, we all went out for dinner. It was at a new restaurant and the food was decent. The normal meats and seafood was served but this time they had some french fries, crappy sushi and some other dishes. As always, free soju and beer was served. I tried not to drink that much, but because it was the last time we would all be together, I couldn't say no. We played the normal drinking games such as the watermelon game, baskin robins, 3,6,9 and rock paper scissors. I didn't lose that much so I didn't get too drunk. We did manage to make our korean friend, Han, drink a Do Re Mi shot. He won "The best Korean student in English Village" award so we wanted to give him OUR prize. A Do Re Mi shot is basicallly three drinks. You must drink one shot of Soju, one glass of beer, and one glass of half beer and half soju. All this within a minute. It doesn't seem that hard, but trust me, it is. I know because I had to do it a day earlier for my birthday. Anyways, we kept drinking until the EV officers told us to continue back at the dorms so we all left.

When I got back to the dorms, I went to go see Wanjun (she is part of Chinese Village and not English Village). I met up with her until my hyong called me and ask me to meet him at the back gate of the school. I was a bit scared because I knew I would be forced to drink more since it was probably our last night of drinking until after finals. Well Wanjun and I both went and met up with Hunjoon and all three of us walked to a local restaurant. When we got there, I was very happy because it was a fresh sashimi restaurant. I told my roommate that I have been dying for Sushi this whole semester and he took us to a sushi place.

We sat down, ordered the set menu and got a glass of soju for us to share. We started to drink slow until the food arrived. The first dish that came was...raw octupus legs that were still moving around. They were chopped up unto sizes of probably 2cm and they all kept moving around. I have always wanted to try this, but never got a chance. Wanjun was a bit scared but my hyong and I dipped right in. The taste was a bit chewy and the suctions kept sticking to my tongue, but with a bit of soya sauce and lots of chewing, it finally went down. It was pretty good and Wanjun finally tried one. We also ate fresh raw clams, seasnails, some red thingy, and some fish that looked like hamachi. All the food was great. Halfway through the meal, Deon decided to join us and we all had fun. We finished off 5 Soju bottles for the 3.5 (.5 for Wanjun) of us. I got very drunk!

We then all went to the local Noreabang (KTV) to sing some songs. I was very tired from all the alcohol consumption and when we finished, we took a taxi back and I quickly passed out.

Sadly, none of us brought a camera to the sashimi restaurant. The photos posted are those at the EV ceremony and first restaurant.

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