Monday, May 07, 2007

Seoul Weekend Part III - Sunday

After a nice short sleep, we decided we wanted to go to Coex building for Sunday. We ate lunch in Dongdaemun then took the subway over to the Coex area. The area is a rich area because Coex is just outside of Gangnam (pronounced kangnam) which is the rich area of Seoul. Many superstars live there and its expensive. Coex is a very nice and big shopping complex. They have an Imax there and also an Aqaurium which is pretty cool. 4 floors, tons of restaurants and tons of shops. We just walked around and browsed alot. I ended up buying 2 pairs of jeans and Wanjun bought a shirt and some hair accessories. We probably spent 4 hours in Coex just walking around twice and we also went outside to take pictures of the scenary. We ate dinner at some Omurice Fusion place that served pasta and rice. It was pretty good but a bit expensive. Coex is a place where I would want to go again forsure and I would recommend people to see. We ended up leaving at around 7:00pm and took the subway back to Yeongdengpo and then the KOrail back to Onyang. We had to take a taxi back to school because the bus lines close at I think 10pm which is early. We ended up splitting the cab 3 ways because we found some random korean guy that was going back to school so I asked if he wanted to come with us. Overall it was a very busy and fun weekend. For 3 days in Seoul, we did so much. Walked around lots and shopped alot. This weekend was the most fun I had in Seoul since my trip to Korea. Bellow are all the Sunday pictures that we took. Enjoy :)
This is the famous Cheonggyecheon River which flows through Seoul. Many Koreans are very proud of this river but it appears as just one big sewer:

Here we are arriving at Coex. The following pictures are all of Coex outside and inside:

HSBC ^_^

Restaurants inside:

Those penguins are so cute!

One nice McDonalds. Look at the chairs:

This is where I bought my jeans:

This was the place that we ate dinner at:

And finally back at the Yeongdengpo KOrail station:

It was a very exhausting weekend but well worth it. I had so much fun! We plan on going back to Seoul next weekend to visit Seoul Tower and more parks. So keep reading to find more updates ^_^

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Gdog said...

Cheonggyechun used to be a sewer...but I watched this documentary a while back and I learned that a huge highway was torn down to "remake" the stream that was buried under concrete. It was only completed in the fall of 2005!