Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Unisex Washrooms

Although I have been in Korea for 2 months now, I still find the unisex washrooms very funny. This is something I do not see back in Canada nor do I imagine it ever happening. At some of the pubs around the campus, they only have one washroom facility. It shows a picture of both the male and female doll and when you walk in there are 4 stalls. 2 of them for the females, 2 of them for males and then two urinals. Pretty funky idea, but I guess it saves on cost. Also, the sink to wash your hands is really dirty, if there is even a sink (sometimes there are none). But I guess that is how it works here and I must get used to it, which I have.

Oh for the americans reading this blog, many Canadians (well that I know of) say washroom instead of bathroom. Sometimes there is no bath so why would it be called a bathroom? But 99% of the time there is a place to wash your hands, hence, washroom!


Natasha said...

Wow that's interesting! I wonder if guys would use the stalls more than the urinals if they're embarassed if a woman would go in...
I say both bathroom and washroom (from Canada)

Anonymous said...

Hey cousin B,

Like what Natasha has said, I found it interesting too. I wonder the same thing on the urinal. I would say "lavatory' or "water closet" elsewherre around the world, but in North America, "washroom" would be more appropriate.

Cousin A.

Bryan Leung said...

Well most of the unisex washrooms are in pubs and people are too drunk to be shy. The urinals are in the back or near the "guy" section so it is not a big deal.

Fei Wen said...

lol~ reminds me of allymcbeal.

anyways, there was once, in my office,where the female washroom was undergoing some repair work,so we ended up, needed to,MUST USE the men's...and it was soooo hilarious, walking into the washroom where my boss is also in. CAN U IMAGINE THAT???!!!! omfgawd. @_@