Saturday, April 07, 2007

Global Village field trip

I am now back in the dorms after a Friday & Saturday G.V. field trip. There were around 150 people that consisted of English, Chinese and Korean students. It started off with us leaving campus at around 10:30 and then arriving at the ferry site at around 11:45ish.

We took a 10 minute ferry ride to the island were the trip was it. I forgot the name, but when I ask someone I will edit this. We ate lunch and then headed off to the beach to play some games. The sand was nice but the water was very dirty. Some of the games included the foot race were we tie our feet together (I think its a popular activity in Korea since we always play that) and piggy-back rides to get water to fill a bucket. There were no prizes, only for fun.


My awesome hoolahoop skills!

We decided to make a volleyball net and play:

This was the view from outside the stairway window:

It is really cool to watch the sun set in Korea. It is always so red and full:

After we went to eat a light dinner and prepare for fireworks, bondfire, singing and LOTS of drinking. My roommate, Hunjoon, gave me this korean drink called Condition. What it is suppose to do is help for hangovers the next day. I drank the bottle which tasted really good and also took a Zantac (anti-acid) to help coat my stomach. After dinner we all headed to the sand pit to watch the display of fireworks. It consisted of a 8 roman candle like fireworks and then the lighting of the bondfire. There was 10 tables for the 10 groups and 2 big bottles of beer, coke, and fruit. My friends and I tried not to drink much of the beer because we did not want to ruin our stomachs before the Soju. There is an old saying, "Liquor before beer, have no fear. Beer before liquor, you'll never be sicker". With that in mind, I only drank a few cups full. The bondfire was cool because it was warm. The night was a bit cold but clear skys. You could actually see Venus on clear nights and I was able to spot it. Even in Vancouver, it is visible. Just look at the brightest and biggest object in the sky besides the moon and its Venus.

Anyways, we got a bit bored without being drunk so we decided to open up the Soju bottles. There were 3 2litre bottles of Soju for the 5 of us and we were taking lots of shots. The organizers decided it was getting cold so everyone helped to move the tables and Karokee machine inside the gym. From there we had a karokee singing contest along with more food. My group and I decided we were going to sing Backstreet Boys - As long as you love me. I was already pretty drunk so I did not hesitate to take the mic and sing as loud as I could and my group mates seemed to enjoy it. During the contest my friends and I would constantly sneak outside to take more shots until I felt very drunk. I was dancing on the stage and singing with other groups, it was really fun. Our group ended up comming second which was pretty cool because we won a bottle of Whiskey, but I didnt drink any. I didn't want to mix soju with whiskey.

From there on we just drank more soju and was just having as much fun as we could. Things got pretty late and the singing died off so everyone retired back into the rooms of the place we were staying it. The rooms were just a flat floor with blankets and pillows in a closet. Being the smart guy that I am, I took some extra pillows and sheets from the other rooms to make sure the 8 people sleeping in that small room had enough. After we went back to the dorms, the remaining of the night was a blur to me. I was told I was going around to the girls rooms and just singing and being a drunk. I cannot remember a thing and when asked, I plead the 5th. I think I went to bed at around 3am but was not truly sure.
Here was one random drunk picture that I found. I do not remember taking this though:

I got up the next morning at 8:45 and got dressed to eat breakfast. I didn't really feel that I had a hangover, I think the Condition drink took a more physcological effect on me. Surprise surprise we ate kimchee and rice for breakfast along with some fresh friend fish. My friends and I just talked in our room until lunch were we ate noodles and kimchee and rice. After that we left the island to go back to the campus.
Mmm Breakfast:

The boat again:

And us going back to the bus:

Some random drummers:

Overall it was a pretty fun trip. I know if we did not buy the extra soju, it wouldn't be that fun. I couldn't imagine singing and doing all the things we did sober so the alcohol really made the weekend. Now I know I sound like an alcoholic, but trust me, I am far from it. Back in Canada I rarely drink but here, that is the only thing to do. And the field trip was a bit boring so we had to make our own fun.

Ill try to post as many pictures as I can. I didn't bring my camera with me while drinking but I will try to steal pictures from my friends when they upload it to post. So keep checking back because new pictures will be posted!

Here are just some random pictures that are in no particular order:
My roommate and I:

Our wierd asian pose:

Our DragonBall fusion pose:

More to come!


Fei Wen said...

that's A LOT of photos!~
looks hot, i mean the

Anonymous said...

sounds like a crazy weekend!! u gotta love all those peace signs u keep throwing out in ur pix :)


Gdog said...

Hey Bryan, looks like you are having a blast studying in Korea dude. Thanks for the facebook add!