Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Roommate Challenge Champions!

On Monday our dorms had a roommate challenge. What that consisted was 2 suites (one boys suite one girls suite) would team up and challenge each other in a competition that would test the best suite. Monday and Tuesday were qualifying days for the final competition on Wednesday (today). Our suite got matched with C502 (our suite being A201) and we ended up as 3rd place out of 6 on Monday. We were not sure if we would go on Wednesday because the top two teams on Monday and Tuesday go to finals and then there is a wildcard. Luckily, 3rd place was wildcard team and we went to the finals. The games consisted of the same games we played on Monday. Rock,Paper,Scissors challenge, 3leg (although we had 5 people) races, hoolahoop wave, and jump rope.

For Rock Paper Scissors, I told everyone that I was the best. I remember last summer watching the RPS championships in Las Vegas on ESPN so I was confident I would be the winner. Guess what, out of approximately 40 people, I was the last man standing. And my suitemate, Will, came second. How we played it was that we formed a big circle and the person in the middle would do either Rock, Paper, or Scissors and the outside circle would choose one. If you lost, you would step out, and I never lost thus comming first place!

The next challenge was the 3 legged race. We had to have 5 people and although they did not tell us the winner, we believe our time was the fastest. We just sprinted across the field!

After that was the hoolahoop wave. We had 7 people holding hands and we had to race to get 4 hoolahoops from one side to the other without breaking the chain. Although we did not come first, our time we pretty good.

The last event was the jump rope. We bombed that. We couldn't even get 1 jump out of our two tries.

So after the 4 competitions we weren't sure if we would win. Although we came 1st and 2nd in the RPS and 1st in the 3 legged race, we though that our hoolahoop and jump rope would be our downfall. Well it turns out that we did not even need the jump rope competition. We had already won by winning the RPS and 3legged race! That's right, Roommate Challenge CHAMPIONS!!! The prize? 150,000 won ($150usd) certificate to the local bar EZs for drinking. 150,000 will buy us ALOT of alcohol so we all plan on going maybe next Thursday. Pictures will be posted on that day of course.

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