Monday, March 19, 2007

A little sick

So on Saturday I had a little stomach ache but I wasn't sure from what. Then it hit me and I knew what I had to do to solve this problem. I decided to ask my roommate to help guide me to find my medicine, so we took a bus to Cheonam:

Here is the public bus that we took for 2400won ($2.60usd)

We arrive at the Bus terminal and right into the shopping mall:

Coffee Bean inside the mall:

We had to walk outside the mall to our destination. Here is what the street looks like:

Finally! My medicine shop to make me feel better:

And my medcine! A Cheese Whooper supersized. The Large is the same size as the regular back at home. Maybe thats why North Americans are more overweight >.<

After my delicious meal we went back into the shopping mall. But along the street I recognized a few familiar signs:

And of course, the Golden Arches!

Also on the street they were doing some hairstyle competition. Maybe one day Tim Kuo, you could be doing this:

A cute little statue that I saw on the street:

The nain fast food chain in Korea:

And finally the bus terminal back home to Soonchunhyang:


Anonymous said...

wow korea is so colourful - their signs and buildings!

Anonymous said...

hey dude. big sis here. im sorry to hear you were feeling ill. but im glad your 'medicine' took care of your upset tummy :)