Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Korean BBQ and PC bong (lan cafe)

So a few internationals and I decided to grab some Korean BBQ on a snowy cold day here in Korea. I am used to cold living in Vancouver, but in Korea, the wind is way too much. It's bloody cold! Here are the pictures:

After playing some games, my chinese friend George and I decided to play some pool. But the table was busy, so we played 3v2 instead:

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Anonymous said...

Hey Cuz! It's Alex the old cuz here in Van! Who won the pool game? Please enjoy your staying and get a chick! The gals are cute from those pics, try your best to exchange lingos. SMILE! Thanks for dropping off the lines in my blog. (In Canto) Duo Tse! (In Mando) Xie Xie!