Sunday, March 25, 2007

Friday- Trip to Seoul

So a bunch of us decided to go to Seoul to do some late night shopping in Dongdaemun Market (the cheaper area) on Friday. Here are a lot of pictures of the trip:

We got a little hungry so we decided to go find some food:

Alaskan King Crap was a bit out of our budget:

This was more like it for our wallets!

Back outside:

Inside the shopping Complex:

And on our way out: (I bought a jacket by the way)

Back on the busy streets:

Then we ended up here:

To celebrate our night out and ending up in the Women's University, we decided to get drunk at a few bars:

Some late night munchies, McDonalds!

This was the Love Motel that we stayed at. A Love Motel is basically a cheap place ($35 a night) to stay for couples who want to have sex. We stayed here because it was cheap.


James Britton said...

I just found you on I'm doing the exact same thing as you. I moved to Ireland from the US last August and I'll be here studying for another year and a half. Best of luck to you. I hope you stop by study abroad blog soon. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey B!

Love motel costs $35 a nite!? Bloody cheap, same price with HK would be worse than Korea, maybe dirty and rugged. The last time in a love motel costs me HK$500 (in 1997) for 2 hours. Long enough to boink! But not long enough to sense the romance.... :(


Anonymous said...


BTW... The "king" crab seemed smaller, wondering if it's local products? In Japan, they have something similar to Alaskan King Crab but it's from Hokkaido. Whenever Alaskan King Crab isn't in season, Sun Sui Wah tend to serve a "Queen Crab" which is smaller in size. Furthermore, sometimes when Alaskan crabs aren't allow to trap, they have similar crabs from Russia. (I think Far East region)