Thursday, January 11, 2007

Global Village

While searching for pictures, I was able to find a few pictures of the dormitories at SCH. This what is looks like:

Inside the room:


Helen Clayton said...

Hi! I am trying to add you to my blog on link exchange, but it's in Korean and I can't work out how!! I will keep trying!
I like your questions and answers for the last year on your previous post, made me think and you know last year wasn't so bad!
Nice dorms too!

Bryan Leung said...

Thanks for the comments. I will add your website to my links on the side. I believe all you have to do is just insert the link ( ) then the name and that is it. I will add yours right now. Cheers!

Helen Clayton said...

P.S - I stole the questions too and changed them a little, but I credited them to you and added your site.

Will said...

hey man, i am from Tijuana, mex. I will be going to Soonchunhyang this next semester, and i want to show the photos from the dorms that you have, may i borrow them from your blog?

Jacob said...

Hey now....

You posted a comment on my blog a while back asking for a link exchange. But, I was out of the country at the time. Anyway, I got you up there now. Like the blog. Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

dude, those rooms are NICE.
i wouldnt mind living in dorms like that :]

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